2016 Slippery Elm Prize in Poetry Finalists

We’d like to honor the rest of the finalists from this year’s Poetry contest, too!

Our finalists for the 2016 Slippery Elm Prize in Poetry were:
“Anatomy/Geography/Ethnography” by Audrey Gidman – winner
“Sea Legs” by Benjamin Busch
“Saving” by Kerry Jensen Trautman
“Morning Cup” by Harriet Stratton
“learning how to be black in a midwest nightclub” by Victoria Walls
“How to Skin a Rabbit” by Leah Komar
“Erasure” by T. J. McGuire
“How to Take an Amazing Photo of a Solar Eclipse” by Stephanie Harper
“burial” by Shannon Morr
“Things that Happen in the Course of a Long Marriage” by K. T. Landon

This was another very deep and rich pool of submissions this year! All of the poetry finalists will be featured in the print issue, due out in December, and all contest entrants will receive a copy of the issue.

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