2016 Slippery Elm Prize in Prose Finalists

We’d like to honor the rest of the finalists from this year’s Prose contest.

Our finalists for the 2016 Slippery Elm Prize in Prose were:
“39 Lashes: Just Write Something About Your Mother” by Lara Lillibridge – Winner
“Chinchilla” by Ali McGhee
“That Thing” by Anita Cabrera
“Will-o’-the-Wisp” by T.D. Arkenberg
“A Matter of Time” by Jeffrey Helton
“Shattered Cup” by Mario Padilla

We’ve had so much excellent writing this year, in both contest and general submission pools! All contest entrants will receive a copy of our 2016 issue. Stay tuned for the announcement of our poetry winner and finalists!

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