Announcing 2023 Poetry Finalists!

Here are our Finalists in the 2023 Slippery Elm Poetry Contest:

“No Eulogy” by Sarah Burnette

“Choices” by Chuck Salmons

“Six of Wands” by Panika Dillon

“When We Talk About the Movie, Casablanca, My Father Remembers Every Line…”
by Linda Nemec Foster

“In Search of Softness” by Anna Snider

“The Mechanics of Flight” by Paula J. Lambert

“Relax” by Kait Quinn

“Who Will Unearth Our Evolutionary Stories?” by Mary O’Melveny

“Villanelle for Black Holes” by Mary O’Melveny

“Self-Portrait as a Jorge Luis Borges Story” by Dante Di Stefano

“Quicksilver Messenger Service, Happy Trails (1969)” by Jeff Gundy

“Adoration” by Eric Machan Howd

These poems have been sent to judge Karen George, and we’ll have our winner soon. Congratulations to our Finalists, and thanks to all who entered!


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