Tomboy’s Orbit

Tomboy’s Orbit
Rosa Lane

Everything changed that spring
when two small buds aggravated
her chest & her pants bled red
with no warning, boyhood snitched,
kidnapped, thieved overnight.

Let me tell you, dear reader, tomboy
surrendered only a small portion
of herself, fooled them with simple
lies: boyfriend, prom dress, heels,
crown. Most of herself lived alien
on a distant planet circling
her telescope above the hill at night
just beyond her bedroom window.

this tawny little misfit, dissed
for its pea-size, yet its hard sphere
spins elliptical inside the same
pelvic universe, deep-galaxy
with five loyal moons & its orbital
center point between bodies.

is here to tell you her tiny bulb
can orbit & roust a whole moon
from its coppery sky
with her smallest dickle of light.

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