blàr anam [17]

“Your postcard of Friday and long illustrated letter on Saturday were very well received here and broke the web of anxiety which hung rather gloomily over the house since you left. We were all affected – knowing that you were ‘safe’ in the protecting arms of the US Army – but we longed for words on paper (and of course, pictures) which would reassure us. You have the gift of communicating better with your acid pen in quick sketches than with words. Everyone that has seen your letter-pictures gets the message loud and clear. You cannot understand how truly I enjoy your sketches of the army-life as you see it. Son, believe me, I do understand them, your Uncle Tib understands them, your grandfather would understand, your great-great grandfather would understand them, our vague ancestors of generations ago who served in the Legions of Rome, or opposed the Legions, they too would understand your cartoons.”
–Arthur Freeman, from a letter to his son David: 2 December 1968

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