blàr anam [27]

“This is the young woman, the river which is called Slaney. These are the colours of her raiment, artists of every kind…This is the hundreded-hospitaller who was her father, the Earth, through which come a hundred of every kind. This is the son…the lake which will be born of the river Slaney, and in your time it will come forth…This is the great hill above their heads, your power over all. This is the tree with colour of gold and with its fruits, you [king] over Banba with its sovereignty. This is the music that was in the tops of the tree, you eloquence in guarding and correcting the judgments of the Gaels. This is the wind that would tumble the fruit, you liberality in dispensing jewels and treasures.”
Dindshenchas of Loch Garmun

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