blàr anam [41]

“I saw them – four, fantastic shapes but a few feet away, strange and towering above us in the subdued light. I could only think that they must be out of some science fiction film – Frau im Mond [The Woman in the Moon] brought to earth.

I just stood and stared, my mouth hanging open for an exclamation that never emerged. Then, slowly, I walked

 around them. They fitted the classic concept of the space ship – smooth, torpedo-shaped – giving no hint of the mechanisms within, and resting tip-toe on the points of four swept cruciform fins. By today’s standards the [V2] was a small missile, but these were 46 feet tall and by all odds bigger than anything I had ever dreamed of…”
–Dieter K. Huzel, Peenemünde to Canaveral

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