David Ian Bickley


Anglo Irish artist, filmmaker and musician David Bickley’s (b. 1961) audio visual works/installations are abstracted, largely process led adventures mainly on themes of nature/landscape but also with points of reference to mythology and symbolism. His works often incorporate film, music, video, immersive environments and sound art. His work has been shown at numerous galleries around the world including at the City Museum of Aveiro, Portugal; Haun Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China; Common Ground, International Touring Exhibition; Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps, Jackson Mississippi; Centre for Creative Practices, Dublin; Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork and The Glucksman, Cork. As a composer he is perhaps best-known as the creative force behind the groundbreaking group Hyper[borea], while his deep ambient scores often accompany his own and others film work including Ridley Scott’s “The Terror”.

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