Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest Finalists!

Announcing finalists for the Deanna Tulley Multimedia Prize:

  • Perfectly Hydrated and Pleasantly Groomed by Cal LaFountain
  • Snow Q by Maria Jastrzębska and Wendy Pye
  • Pregnant with the Dead by Tova Beck-Friedman and Susan Rich
  • Blurring Worlds and Beneath by Patrick McEvoy
  • Pursuit of Sadness by Lea Wülferth and Derek Muro
  • I exist by Hannah Bercovici
  • The Sickroom by Joanne Curtain
  • ABC by Jessica Jackson
  • The Uninvited Guests by Benjamin Davis
  • Everything is Radiant Between the Hates by Richard Ferguson
  • Questions by Fatima Zaghloul
  • Marsh by David Ian Bickley

Thanks to all who entered–winners will be announced soon!

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