Eliot Michl

photo credit Olka Bonati

Filmmaker and poet Eliot Michl has climbed 1350 steps to the Fortress of San Giovanni and looked out over the Adriatic Sea, swam with elephants on the Thai-Laos-Myanmar border, and lived over a pub in Amsterdam. A former journalist, Michl lives a nomadic life, traveling the world with video camera and a backpack.

Michl grew up in Northwest Missouri spending most afternoons wandering the woods and river banks near her log cabin home. In 2018, her first poetry film, “Don’t Tell Me I’m Beautiful,” screened in the US at the Arts in Nature festival in Seattle. The film was chosen as an Official Selection of the 2018 Juteback Poetry Film Festival in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Other films have been Official Selections at the 2018 Miniature International Film Festival in Vancouver, Canada, and most recently at the 2019 Manchester International Film Festival.

Her poetry and writing has appeared in MA’AM zine, Shock Treatment, Yes Ma’am, and Wanda magazine. She is also the featured poet for the Epistolary Club, sending handwritten letters, snippets of poetry, and art postcards to members across the US and UK.




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