Lea Wülferth and Derek Muro


Lea Wülferth is a Brooklyn-based artist, exploring themes of freedom, identity, memory, and truth(s) on
a personal and socio-political level across different media. Her poems and artwork have been published
and exhibited at the A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn Museum, and others. She curates the YouTooCanWoo
Gallery in Brooklyn. She graduated from the University of Oxford, England, and the Sorbonne in Paris,
www.leawulferth.com / @ L_peregrine / https://www.facebook.com/lea.wulferth

Derek Muro is a composer focused on the associative properties of sound related to emotion, memory
and perception. He’s created musical works for film, video games, interactive media, and branded
content, and performances at BAM, the Yale Institute for Music Theatre, and European festivals. He is a
graduate of Manhattan School of Music.
www.derekmuro.com / @ Wavebreakr.mp3 / https://www.facebook.com/derek.muro

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