Top 10 Reasons to submit your work to Slippery Elm!

  1. We do a slick, quality print publication.  Print still has prestige, and our issue is great to hold in your hands.
  2. Be read!  Every issue receives a print run of 500-700 copies and an initial mailing in the hundreds, so you know your work will show up in someone else’s hands, too.
  3. You can live online forever!  Print’s great, but for accessibility, online rules, and we archive all back issues on our website, with a convenient link you can share and post to your own sites.
  4. We promote our authors: in local readings, throwback posts on social media, our Slippery Elm bookshelf for new books and publications, and events at conferences like AWP.
  5. Does every journal you publish in send you galleys for approval before press time?  We copy-edit carefully, and work with every author on exactly how each piece will look, before the issue goes to press.
  6. Our issues feature widely-published, well-established writers alongside emerging talents.  Be in good company in every issue!
  7. For some recent contest winners, the winning piece has been their first publication!  It could happen to you.
  8. We announce and publicize a deep list of finalists.  Even if you don’t win, finalist status is something to be proud of, and makes a great literary resume item.
  9. Every contest entrant gets a copy of the print issue, cover priced at $10.  We know, there are ambivalent feelings about contests, and we feel that every entrant should get something tangible back beyond just a shot at the prize.  We hope the issue we’ll send you no matter what is worth your consideration.
  10. If you still don’t love contests, that’s fine–we do not and have never charged a reading fee, for “general” submissions.  As a purely nonprofit literary operation, though, your contest entry is what keeps the lights on, the site up, and the print issue happening.  If you like what we do, we appreciate your support!

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