Announcing 2021 Poetry Finalists!

Here are our Finalists in the 2021 Slippery Elm Poetry Contest:

“Uncanny” by Paula Lambert

“Trench” by Benjamin Busch

“The One and the Many” by Naomi Lowinsky

“In Your Stars” by Naomi Lowinsky

“Perturbances” by Mary O’Melveny

“Kettle of Fish” by Mara Grayson

“I Never Pushed My Daughter” by Tom Hunley

“Happiness, Inc.” by Adrie Kusserow

“A Sestina for Lachrymatories” by Mary O’Melveny

“Study by Window Light” by Jed Myers

These poems have been sent to judge Conor Bracken, and we’ll have our winner soon.  Congratulations to our Finalists, and thanks to all who entered!

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