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Prose Contest Finalists!
Prose Contest Finalists!
Here are our Finalists in the 2021 Slippery Elm Prose Contest: “Belladonna” by Alison Louise Hubbard “Stay Out, Stay Alive” by Jasmine Beul “Rosary” by Ed Davis “Casaruja” by Hannah Bercovici “Candied Almonds on My Way to Rome” by Mariano Zaro These stories and essays have been sent to judge Gina Willner-Pardo, and we’ll have…
Announcing 2021 Poetry Finalists!
Announcing 2021 Poetry Finalists!
Here are our Finalists in the 2021 Slippery Elm Poetry Contest: “Uncanny” by Paula Lambert “Trench” by Benjamin Busch “The One and the Many” by Naomi Lowinsky “In Your Stars” by Naomi Lowinsky “Perturbances” by Mary O’Melveny “Kettle of Fish” by Mara Grayson “I Never Pushed My Daughter” by Tom Hunley “Happiness, Inc.” by Adrie…
Review of Susanna Lang’s Self-Portraits
Review of Susanna Lang’s Self-Portraits
Susanna Lang’s chapbook Self-Portraits, which appears as the first of three chapbooks in Blue Lyra Press’s Delphi Series Vol. IX, is a grouping of twenty-five short poems, all inspired by the artwork and lives of women artists. Specifically, each poem is based on either a specific work of art by a woman, or by visits…
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