Multimedia Content 2018-2019


Thanks for visiting the shiny new Multimedia Wing of our Online Content Museum!


Featuring “Zegar Tyka / The Clock’s Ticking”
poem by Lidia Kosk; English translation by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka;
choir music composed and conducted by Philip Olsen; video directed and produced by Ryan Sevel
in 360-degree video:

in fixed frame
and in side-by-side text and translation



Going the Distance,
poetry and paintings
by Madronna Holden and David Wolfersberger:


and American Patriot,
photography and poetry
from Charlee Brodsky and Jim Daniels:

and more finalists from our Multimedia Contest:

Exodus,” by Tamara Miles,


Don’t Tell Me I’m Beautiful” by Eliot Michl,


Formalism,” an interactive poem by A. K. Drees,

“It’s a Long Story,” audio by Chelsey Clammer,


and the videopoem “Particles of Light” by Joe Salembier;


Secrets and Windows,” four interactive poems from Henry Crawford,

Carnaval,” an animated videopoem from Julia Wendell,

and “Ambidexterous,” artwork from Kristin LaFollette.




Prize Winners


Third Place, an interactive poem from Sarah Joy Calpo:

Second Place, a videopoem, “Top Ten Memories of the Green Chair,” from Joni Renee, with filmmaker Anna Weltner!

And the First Place winner of our 2018 Multimedia Contest, a videopoem, “Things About Myself and the World That I Will and Won’t Explain to My Year-Old Daughter When She’s Older,” from Rich Ferguson and directed by Victor Guzman!

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