Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest: 2019

First Place Winner:

“A Manual (or memoir), For Learning (or knowing), About a Tentative (or fleeting), Ticking thought Machine (or being),” videopoem by Ayesha Raees


Second Place Winner:

“In with a Whisper,” videopoem by A.D. Lauren-Abunassar.


Third Place Winner:

“Laura Receives a Response,” audio flash fiction by Alexander Weinstein.


Alexander Weinstein


Honorable Mentions:


“In the Gomorrah of Glamour and Gimme All You Can,”
videopoem by Rich Ferguson
directed by Chris Burdick, music by Eric Carter:


“Are You Pregnant?” collage by Sandra L. Faulkner


“Forgetting Frank Joseph,” hypertext by Jennifer London


“Gettysburg Auto Tour: An American Road Poem,” multimedia by Henry Crawford


“Grey,” a videopoem by Carly MacIsaac

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