2020 Edition

        Benjamin Busch

Levanton (Abduction)
        Mark Lee Webb

The Mad Farmer and the Crop Duster
        Yvonne Osborne

White Hydrangea
        Peggy Liuzzi

        Casey McConahay

I-80 West through Nebraska
        Will Simescu

The Man Who Was Grateful
        David Bergman

On Behalf of the Ungrateful
        John Grey

Letter to Harper from the Edge of Sixty
        Robert Okaji

        Stephanie L. Harper

The More You Know
        Amy Lerman

Limited Options
        Matthew T. Birdsall

The Golem
        David Galloway

Water Has to Pool
        Brian D. Morrison

How Karma Works
        Gina Willner-Pardo

Spruce Pine in a Forest Under the Watchful Eye of the Mountain
        T.J. McGuire

Family Background Report (Case # 35879)
        Jerry Judge

        Quentin Greif

All Possible Exits
        Patricia McCrystal

        Jordan Silversmith

        Louise Robertson

Cavity Search
        Chase Dimock

Sir Dusky Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)
        Richard Weaver

Safety Matches
        Yiskah Rosenfeld

Illuminated in Blue
        Terri McCord

George Percy, Leader of the Virginia Colonists on Their Desperation During the Starving Time
        Myrna Stone

        Timothy Strange

Wise Penelope
        Claire Scott

Russia Notebook
        Carl Boon

A Change of Sky
        James McKee

A Little Traction
        Dan Branch

        W. T. Paterson

A Footprint in the Snow. The Snow Fills It in
        Jesse DeLong

Blue Black
        Yvonne Osborne

Wayward Gray
        Francesco Barra

Driving Lesson
        Kerry Trautman

        Matthew J. Spireng

Sunday Morning at River Ridge Mansion
        Jeff Gundy

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