Announcing 2022 Poetry Finalists!

Here are our Finalists in the 2022 Slippery Elm Poetry Contest:

“looking down at the sky” by Broderick Eaton

“Smelter” by Jodie Childers

“POEM: A HAUNTING” by Katherine Gaffney

“Because every moment’s an occasion for attention *” by Karen George

“Study in Violet” by Angela Haase

“The Boy & The Story of Water” by Saúl Hernández

“Geraniums” by Elena Kazamia

“Variations on Kubler-Ross When You’re 25 and Your Boyfriend Dies” by Amy Lerman

“Wood County Pantoum” by Erica Manto-Paulson

“Stumbling Upon a ‘Bodies’ Museum Exhibition” by Kerry Trautman

These poems have been sent to judge Benjamin Busch, and we’ll have our winner soon. Congratulations to our Finalists, and thanks to all who entered!


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