Questions for the Angel Gabriel

Questions for the Angel Gabriel
Anna Hundert

xxxxxxxbut can you fathom the
small intestine laid from end
to end, my fingers and toes
cannot count the distance. the
squeaking pipes sing my body
electric, I tell the squeaking pipes
hush. when the electric toothbrush
sounds so loud between my two
ears, that is the hum of certainty.

xxxxxxxmy hair in the drain, there is
my body twisted around itself in
keratin molecules. where did I
find the spare carbon atoms for
this monstrosity. I have been told
that my grandmother’s grandmother
had a tail and I have been told
that her grandmother’s grandmother
had fins. when did we choose

xxxxxxxto leave the ocean and use
electric toothbrushes and lay the
small intestine from end to end?
some teeth are wiser than others.
I push bleached cotton into my
body each month and take my
vitamin d. sometimes I think
that every organ is vestigial.

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