A Small Town Election

by Brian D. Morrison


2.  The Electorate


Ms. McCready, of course, cares about the creature. From her basement, it’s come with her to the voting. A shadow in a spot of her brain matter, ensephalopus is vigorous and always on the loose.

But when it’s time to vote, Ms. McCready doesn’t hear word from either party about the beast. Neither of them seems to have an opinion, and so she seeks to give them one. She shows themphotos of the “hieroglyphics” on her basement wall. She found the scribbles under moldy wallpaper. The art is “immaculate,” she says. “Look,” she says. And of course the parties look, but can you blame them

for walking away without a word? Without a shadow of beast? Can you blame them for caring more about the roads and the children? The taxes and the donors? “I have done my civic duty!”

Ms. McCready cries. “Shame to you both!” With this utterance, all at once, it seems, the voting ends, and who knows, maybe this time the town will prosper. Perhaps the horror is really over.A Small Town Election page 3:

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